When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, Moss Motor Company Inc knows that Ram knows how to do it right. A good example of that is the Ram 2500 that you may have seen around town, making a hard job look easy. The following are powertrain options you should keep in mind as you search for your next Ram 2500.

The Diesel

The 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine is definitely the kind of engine you want powering this monster of a truck. It gives you top-notch performance, the kind you want for those heavy-duty jobs. You get up to 17,980 pounds of towing capacity, and you get all that from this one Ram. We were blown away, and we think you may be blown away, too.


The HEMI V8 engine is another powerful engine you are probably going to be more than happy to have. It is going to give you up to 16,320 pounds of towing capacity. Just the sound of those numbers is enough to impress some people. It should be pointed out that the HEMI features two spark plugs for each cylinder, which ends up firing up your power when needed.

These are just some reasons you need to get inside this Ram 2500 and take it out on a test drive with us, so don't keep this truck waiting too long.



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