Glossy Black Edition of the Dodge Durango With Platinum

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a vehicle for the gloss and the style it provides. This is one of the major advantages of the Dodge Durango. The feature packages will bring you some extra enjoyment when you shop at Moss Motor Company. They have their own set of features while keeping in line with the Durango image.

One of the best images to get with the Dodge Durango is that of luxury. If you are looking for that kind of luxurious driving then the Anodize Platinum package is the one you should at least consider. Among the features that make this package stand out is the Platinum chrome gloss on the wheels and the grille.

If you want to add black to your Durango, then your best bet is getting the Black Top feature package with the black grille, black roof side rails, black exterior mirrors and other features.



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