Are You Experiencing Oversteer or Understeer?

We make an effort to answer all of the common questions about vehicle performance and technology that come our way. One of the topics we receive questions about at Moss Motor Company is what is the difference between oversteering and understeering?

Oversteering is when the car turns too sharply in one direction based on the signal you gave through the steering wheel. Understeering is the opposite. The car doesn't turn far enough based on the signal you gave through steering. Oversteering and understeering can lead to car accidents. Front-rear drive vehicles are more susceptible to understeering, and rear-wheel drive vehicles more frequently experience oversteering. However, either phenomenon can occur. A feature to look for in your next car that helps prevent these problems is electronic stability control.

Understeering and oversteering are problems with turning the car that you may experience while driving. To help prevent these problems from occurring, you can purchase a vehicle that comes with electronic stability control. Also stay focused while driving, so that you don't go too fast through turns.



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