Which Exterior Features Will You Choose With the Ram 1500?

The Ram 1500 is an enticing light-duty pickup truck that comes packed with an abundance of features. Among these features include exterior features that provide you with a capable drive, and its exterior design also enhances aerodynamics.

With the 1500, you can opt for an oil- and nitrogen-charged dampened tailgate. The tailgate comes with an integrated spoiler, bold geometric shapes, and a Ram Truck badge. The multifunctional tailgate has been newly designed and offers two doors that can swing open 88°. The bed has a maximum cargo volume of 61.5 cubic feet. You can also choose available side running boards that offer easy access to the bed.

The 1500 offers an impressive frontal drag coefficient that is the lowest among light-duty trucks. The sculpted exterior design moves air to the box for better efficiency. Advanced features, which include a class-exclusive active air dam and active grille shutters, automatically deploy when you're driving at higher speeds.



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